Assistance League in the Community



Operation School Bell®

Can you imagine never having a new pair of shoes, only attending school half of the time as you must share your clothes with a sibling or an entire family sharing one toothbrush?  This is happening to 50% of the children in our country.  Operation School Bell, the national program of Assistance League, strives to meet […]



Members Find Inspiration in the Past and Innovation for the Future at Assistance League National Conference

Planes, trains and automobiles carried more than 900 member volunteers from points throughout the United States to San Diego for the 2015 Assistance League National Conference to celebrate 80 years as a national organization. And what a celebration it was! San Diego was on board as the city and its residents paid tribute to the […]



Child Hunger — What Can We Do?

Some Assistance League chapters are reaching out to help alleviate this need. Assistance League of Northern Virginia started a program in 2010 called “Weekend Food for Kids” that provides nutritional food for children to eat over the weekend. It started serving one school and now has grown to five Title I schools in Northern Virginia. […]



Many “Mrs. Book” Promote Literacy for Children

He came hurtling toward her shouting, “Mrs. Book, Mrs. Book” when he saw her again in the fall. He was a four-year-old Headstart preschool student in the Chicago area, and she is a volunteer reader with the Chicagoland West chapter of Assistance League. Their interaction typifies the nationwide relationships between students and volunteers in Assistance […]



Thrift Shops + Resale = Great Savings

A trip to the thrift shop can be the perfect place to create a style of your own. Thrift shops are unique “green” businesses. They help the environment by keeping many usable items out of landfills. They are the shops that help the community providing affordable shopping for every household and anyone looking to save […]



Scholarships Helping Students Achieve Their Dreams

Commencement ceremonies are taking place in high schools and universities across America this spring as graduates celebrate past accomplishments and anticipate a future bright with possibilities. But even in the land of opportunity, higher education and youth enrichment programs are beyond the reach of some young adults and children. The importance of education and literacy […]