August 3, 2020


GARDEN CITY, IDAHOAssistance League of Boise is continuing its nearly three-decade legacy of preparing elementary and middle-school students to go back to school with Operation School Supplies. For the 20-21 school year, the organization is increasing its annual donation to support approximately 15,000 students in need at 95 schools in Kuna, Boise and West Ada school districts.

Since 1989, Assistance League of Boise has worked closely with the school districts to provide students with the supplies they need to fully participate in class activities starting on the first day of school. This year, in light of the pandemic, the organization expanded its donations to reach more schools and ensure students don’t need to share supplies with classmates.

On August 6, Fred Meyer in Garden City will deliver pallets of school supplies on large trucks to the organization’s Philanthropic Center, where they will be sorted and assembled by member volunteers. Keeping in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines, supplies will be picked up by school coordinators starting August 11 and throughout the month, so everything is in place for the first day of school. Supplies will be taken directly to campuses and distributed to students throughout the year by teachers and counselors.

“The mission of Operation School Supplies is to fill the supply closets for schools in Ada County and ensure students have what they need to focus on learning and be productive in school,” said Nicci Griebe, Operation School Supplies chairperson. “Since its inception, we’ve provided supplies to hundreds of thousands of students. We’re proud to be Ada County’s largest school supply donor and to expand this year’s program to support even more children in need.”

Missy Goode, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator for Boise School District, said, “The positive impact of these donations from Operation School Supplies cannot be overstated. This program uplifts students who face multiple challenges that can serve as a barrier to their education. Providing the tools they need to learn not only helps them on a daily basis, but supports their futures.”

Funding for Operation School Supplies comes from community donations, private contributions, grants and proceeds from the Assistance League Thrift Shop in Garden City.

Assistance League of Boise’s 2020 School Supply Donations, By the Numbers

** Figures Approximate **

  • 105,000 crayons
  • 77,000 colored pencils
  • 26,000 pencils
  • 24,000 binders and notebooks
  • 23,000 markers
  • 14,000 glue bottles and glue sticks
  • 13,500 folders and dividers
  • 10,000 pens
  • 7,000 pencil boxes and zipper bags
  • 5,000 ear buds
  • 5,000 pairs of scissors
  • 5,000 erasers
  • 3,000 reams of paper
  • 2,600 protractors, compasses and rulers
  • 2,300 sets of watercolor paints

About Assistance League of Boise

Assistance League of Boise is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is a chapter of National Assistance League®. The mission is transforming lives and strengthening our community through our nine philanthropic programs attempting to meet previously underserved needs in Ada County. Our funds are raised and spent locally to meet the growing needs of our community. Since its charter in 1980, Assistance League of Boise member volunteers have consistently provided quality service to Ada County. During the 2018-2019 year, nearly 350 members contributed over 60,000 hours to serve over 21,000 children and adults in our community.