“Empowering Youth” evolved because of a need to assist those youths who aged out of the foster care system.  Their living situation suddenly changed as a result and caused them to live independently with minimal assistance.  Assistance League of Boise stepped up to enable these youth toward becoming successful in living independently.  A committee of ALB volunteers purchase needed supplies (there is a set purchase amount) from local stores and assembles them together in a basic household kit which is then placed in an extra- large duffel bag for easier transport.  A lovely handmade quilt, sewn with care by many volunteers is also included with each “kit.”   The “kits” are then picked-up and distributed to those youth who have aged out of the foster care system by the Ada County Department of Health and Welfare.

Contents of each “kit”

Bedroom:  quilt, hangers

Kitchen:  cutting board, knife set, microwave bowl set, can opener, pot holders, spatula, a set of dishes for 2, drinking glasses for 2, silverware for 2, pizza pan, a frying pan, a sauce pan, measuring cup, one dish and hand towel, package of trash bags, a pair of scissors and a basic tool kit

Laundry:  a laundry basket

Bathroom:  package of 6 roll toilet paper, towels for 2, 2 boxes of Kleenex, basic first aid kit

Empowering Youth "kit" with duffel bag and laundry basket stuff full of supplies
Recipient showing off his Empowering Youth kit
Recipient with Empowering Youth kit
Recipient with Empowering Youth kit
Members assembly Empowering Youth kits
Members assembling Empowering Youth kits

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