Assistance League of Capistrano Valley is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that is comprised of multi-talented volunteers working together to fulfill its mission. We are an organization whose members volunteered over 17,652 hours last year. Our volunteers are dedicated to improving the lives of Capistrano Valley and Camp Pendleton residents through hands-on programs.

Membership is open to those who wish to be of service to our community and have the time, creativity and passion to volunteer.  The joy of giving is expressed through extraordinary programs chosen to meet the specific needs of our community.

Join ~300 women who volunteer with Assistance League of Capistrano Valley. Choose from the philanthropic programs and committees that interest you and would benefit from your special skills. Make a difference in your community by sharing your enthusiasm and extending a helping hand while making new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Become one of us! Join an incredible group of volunteers who are dedicated to making a difference in their community.

Working at Back to School Night

At Camp Pendleton

Working at the Thrift Shop

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(949) 492-2800

Membership Levels and Requirements

Voting: members shall have a minimum of eighteen (18) staffing obligations per year, to include:

  • Work one to two shifts per month in the thrift shop during the week
  • Staff Operation School Bell® a minimum of once a year
  • Staff and support the annual fundraiser
  • Pay annual dues of $75

Professional Voting:

  • Are employed a minimum of thirty( 20) hours a week, is a student taking a minimum of eight credit hours per semester, or be a caregiver to a family member.
  • Work one (1) shift per month in the thrift shop on a Saturday
  • Pay annual dues of $75

Membership Applications

Membership applications are now accepted at any time. Prospective new members will be contacted to schedule an educational tour and training. Each new member is assigned a mentor.

Download Voting and Professional Voting Membership Application

Download Membership Renewal