We are having an enjoyable meal with foods we have learned to prepare in the Food Management portion in Competencies for Independent Living class.

Students have classes on personal appearance, finding housing, managing budgets and checking accounts.  They also learn good communication skills. Mock interviews are held to prepare the students for job seeking.

Competencies For Independent Living

An outreach program providing concrete knowledge of life skills to at-risk teenagers attending court-ordered or community schools in Placer County. Typically students are residents of the Children’s Receiving Home or are on parole or expelled from the school system. They live in group homes, at home, or at the community facility. The goal of this mentoring program is to provide some of the tools for these teens to be able to live successfully on their own. There are two or three one-hour sessions per unit at a school in Loomis. Member volunteers teach the following units:

Personal Appearance & Hygiene:

Working with an Assistance League member and Personal Grooming Kits, students discuss how to be well groomed and clean. Students acquire basic laundering, sewing and ironing skills.


Assistance League members discuss with students how to find their first apartment/housing, what is affordable, what deposits and furnishings are needed, and how to deal with shared housing.

Food Management:

Students learn basic etiquette, cooking and nutrition.

Budget and Finance:

Assistance League members show students how to manage a checking account, maintain a good credit rating, save for the future, maintain accurate records, prioritize expenses, and how to avoid unreasonable loan fees and/or scams.

Values & Effective Communication:

This class helps students understand their values and the fact that their values are the basis of their behavior. The class stresses taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

Personal Grooming Kits are also a part of Competencies, but School Liaisons also fill orders from schools, as needed. Kits are purchased.

I have completed my training.  Thanks to my Assistance League trainers.

Practicing interviewing skills