President’s Message November/December 2017

Fall Greetings, Members and the Community!

It has been so beautiful lately! To me, Fall in Houston when it is accompanied by weather like this, is just as hopeful as Spring time, after our long, hot and humid summer. Even more so, after Harvey.

I have been encouraged lately by new members, new plans in the making for our Gala, Linda Williams Hall planning our Texas Networking event coming this June 2018, planning for our mural to be installed, and all the donations we have received for the thrift store! Our member volunteers have done a fantastic job decorating the shop for Christmas and the sales have been brisk. Our thrift shop team keeps coming up with new ways to store items and streamline the task of getting merchandise to the floor. They are to be commended; they work very hard and it shows. We also thank our great community volunteers! Also, in thrift shop news: we have finally hired a manager! If you haven’t met our new Manager, Alona Tezeno, please stop by and say hello!

Looking forward to the holidays and the start of our 50th year in 2018! Please considering contributing towards Celebration of Giving, it will really put you in the mood! Thanks for all of your participation, this is your organization.

– Marilyn Brooks


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