Houston Gives $1 Million Dollar Charity Ad Giveaway

What is Houston Gives? Houston Gives is a $1 million dollar advertising giveaway hosted yearly by the Houston Chronicle. In this giveaway, various charities in the Houston area sign up and advertise in the Houston Gives section of the Chronicle to allow the Houston Community to vote on a listed charity of choice starting November 26th and ending December 2nd.

Even better news, Assistance League of Houston is participating! In order to vote for Assistance League of Houston, you need to visit www.chron.com/VoteHoustonGives and log in!  For every vote Assistance League of Houston receives, the Houston Chronicle will award our organization $100 dollars in FREE ADVERTISING!! That’s right! When you vote, our organization will automatically receive $100 in free advertising money to use in 2018 and this will get us closer to that $1 million dollar ad giveaway!

Not only that, you can vote daily (no more than once a day) during the giveaway so please mark your calendars and set a timer to remind yourself to vote early and vote often for Assistance League of Houston in the Houston Chronicle’s Houston Gives $1 Million Dollar Charity Ad Giveaway! Every vote does count! So please get the word out! Tell your friends and family to vote for us as often as they can so we can win that $1 million dollar giveaway!

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