Operation School Bell®

Unfortunately, among Harvey’s disruptions, our OSB Program  experienced a setback.   Following the flood, many of our shopping venues were affected as well as school schedules and personnel.   Also, we have been notified that several of the children we served previously, lost their uniforms in the flood.  However, after an extended pause, we were able to complete another distribution with two shopping events for Head Start.

The good news–we are grateful that the OSB Program has received two substantial gifts to support our children following the storm.  “The challenge is finding stores that provide uniforms this late in the school year.  The OSB Steering Committee will be meeting to discuss alternative solutions to take care of our children,” Stella Evensen, OSB co-chair, said.  “We’ll keep you updated, and thanks to all of you who have stepped in to work with us on Operation School Bell.”

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