Charity Golf Classic Tournament Almost Rained Out

Howard Holsenbeck, Ray Sedwick and Bob Warnsman ventured out to the Charity Golf  Classic regardless of the dire weather forecast.

We would like to thank our intrepid threesome of Assistance League of Houston spouses Bob Warnsman, Howard Holsenbeck and Ray Sedwick who ventured out to the Charity Golf Classic regardless of the dire weather forecast.  The three were the only ones who made an appearance by press time, Friday, September 14.

They completed seven holes at Hearthstone Country Club, and may have been a little wet, but their spirits weren’t dampened–they had a good time.   Winning the threesome and probably the entire tournament was Ray Sedwick, followed by Howard Holsenbeck and Bob Warnsmen.  With their donations, they were to receive lunch after the tournament and may now take advantage of rounds of golf at Country Clubs of America’s golf courses in Southeast Texas.

This was the first time Assistance League of Houston was one of the three charities to participate.  We thought outside the box and tried a different fund raiser, but then a tropical storm made a weak showing at the golf course. In the end, we hope that more people now know about Assistance League.  Wait until  next year.


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