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I am a full-time student with a 4.0 GPA, and a single parent of 2 small children. The financial burden of schooling has been the most difficult aspect on my quest for a career that provides financial security for my family. 

I am away from home a lot: classes and I work part-time. Finding quality affordable childcare for my children is a constant struggle. Budgeting for living expenses, diapers, textbooks and school supplies is stressful. While I am frugal and able to budget well, each month is a delicate balancing act of what we need, what we can afford, and what we cannot. 

Thank you for the scholarship.  It will be used frugally and gratefully.’

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Tuition data from 2017-2018 US Department of Education shows that California students paid an annual total price of:

  • $20,521 to attend local Community Colleges
  • $24,466 to attend California State Universities
  • $33,858 to attend the Universities of California

Tuition expenses aren’t just registration fees and textbooks they also include living expenses. The total of these expenses cause many students to graduate with deep debt while others dropout.

Scholarships can immediately impact students, giving them a chance, or a second chance, to pursue their education. The effects last a lifetime.

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I started a music career when I was 12 as part of a neighborhood garage band.  At 20 I was touring the United States, playing piano, guitar and singing.  When I turned 36 I left the band to start a family and pursue a career in music ministry and pastoral care.  I spent 8 years visiting congregants in hospitals.  I especially enjoyed the time I spent with cancer patients. 

I now realize all of these experiences were necessary so I would know that my gifts would be used best as a nurse.  

Married and with three teenage sons, I am now 53 years old and enrolled in Golden West College nursing program.  To cover family and school expenses, I work two part-time ministry jobs and my wife works part- time. We still have difficulty making enough to cover our family expenses and my schooling costs.  

Thank you for the scholarship; it is greatly appreciated. ‘ 

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