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Scholarships can immediately impact students, giving them a chance, or a second chance, to pursue their education. The effects last a lifetime.

‘Since I was 16 I’ve been working part-time at Mimi’s.  Part-time work limits my income to pay my bills but it gives me the time I need for classes and to study.  My GPA is 3.5.

 I was living with my mom and paying her rent but her financial needs were greater than the rent I could pay.  I am now renting a room from a friend; paying less rent.  My mom is renting my old room for a higher price.

 After graduating from Golden West College nursing program, I will enroll at the University of Texas in Arlington.  UTA offers an on-line Bachelor program designed for students like me who need to work while continuing their education.  Someday I want to work in Pediatric Oncology. 

 Thank you for the scholarship.  I am extremely grateful. I now will not worry about money to cover my last semester at GWC and UTA registration expenses.’ 

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As of 2018, Californians hold about a tenth of the nation’s $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, and the total has doubled in the past decade.

Tuition data from 2017-2018 US Department of Education shows that California students paid an annual total price of:

  • $20,521 to attend local Community Colleges
  • $24,466 to attend California State Universities
  • $33,858 to attend the Universities of California

Tuition expenses aren’t just registration fees and textbooks they also include living expenses. The total of these expenses cause many students to graduate with deep debt while others dropout.

Help qualified, deserving students reduce their college debt. Give Now!

‘Thank you so much for your generous scholarship!! I am happy to inform you that I applied to Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach and was accepted at both!!   I chose Cal State Long Beach.   I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life.’ 

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