Those Whose Lives We Touch Are Grateful

Angel Reach gratefully accepted 16 shower kits, and clothing vouchers helped provide a mother with 2 children from Family Promise and a resident of Eagle’s Nest with much needed clothing. BridgeWay Shelter residents have received clothing vouchers, and an evening meal will be delivered this month. Following is the letter of thanks from Janel Savage, Volunteer Coordinator at Angel Reach.

Janel Savage, Volunteer Coordinator at Angel Reach, wrote: “Thank you so much for sending! It was wonderful to meet you Gayle and Donna…actually, visiting with all the ladies was wonderful! I greatly appreciate you letting me share Angel Reach with your Caring and Sharing team this morning!

Today when I dropped off the Hygiene baskets at our level 1 home, several aged out young adults helped me unload my car. I’m going to quote one young woman who helped…”Oh wow, these we got when we first came to Angel Reach and are so great … the new clients are going to be happy to have their own new stuff.”

One young man said, “who helped with this?” and I shared Assistance League and your thrift store. I told him there are people in our community that think about you, wish you well and are thankful we’re letting them be part of fulfilling some of our needs…he said, “Oh, pretty cool.”

Thanks again ladies for All you do for our community!! You have an amazing team of volunteers and by the looks of your thrift shop are very dedicated to creating a very nice environment to shop!

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