LeagueLink is the branded name of Assistance League’s new Volunteer Management and Learning System. LeagueLink is an all-in-one, secure volunteer portal that empowers Assistance League volunteers to manage their unique user account, access their membership profile, and access to volunteer specific features and data that is highly personalized.

LeagueLink is set to replace and centralize the technology tools currently supported by National, especially those found in Chapter Hub. Our ongoing objective is to consistently improve and elevate our suite of technology tools to better serve the volunteer experience. This includes chapters using multisite. More to come! 

The dedicated team at National, along with their vendor, Digital Cheetah, will work with each individual chapter, to transition from Chapter Hub to the LeagueLink platform. Onboarding includes selecting your chapters LeagueLink Leaders (your chapter’s champions who will lead the onboarding effort), importing core data, administrative trainingcreating your site content, and so on. This will be the opportunity to personalize your chapter’s experience. We will support you each step of the way.  

This is an excellent time to jump on board either the Information Technology or the Marketing Team. Contact Kathy David to learn more, kdavid@alomaha.org.