Operation Bear Hug Breaking All Records

Operation Bear Hug (OBH) serves sixteen hospitals and agencies by providing teddy bears to children in physical or emotional crisis conditions. While teddy bears have been needed for these situations for many years, this year has been surprisingly different. Never before have we delivered over 1000 teddy bears in a year. Yet, in 2023-2024, there have been more requests from hospitals and agencies than ever before. OBH committee members have certainly been busy. You’ll be surprised how many teddy bears have been delivered. Just recently, the number of teddy bears delivered since June 2023 reached 1680 bears, and there is still over a month left in the year.

Congratulations to the OBH committee members who are making a difference in people’s lives. Recently, we photographed the granddaughters of two of our members hugging our ALO bears. I think you can see from these two photos just how soft and cuddly these teddy bear are, and you can imagine how much a child in crisis would love receiving one of these teddy bears.

Thanks to the two ALO member grandmothers who took the adorable photos and got permission for ALO to use the photos. Let me know if you can guess who the two ALO members are!

Betsy McDaniel

Co-Chair, Operation Bear Hug