Notice to 2021 Scholarship Applicants
Scholarship recipients have been chosen and will be notified by May 24, 2021. If you have not received notification by that date, you did not receive a scholarship this year. Thank you for applying. We wish you the best in pursuing your college and career goals.

Fostering Better Lives Through Education

Assistance League of Sacramento awards scholarships to students attending community colleges in the Greater Sacramento area. Like many scholarship programs, our awards go to students with financial need and demonstrated ability, aptitude and a promise of a bright future. But, beyond those basic criteria, we seek to support students of any age who had and/or have life circumstances and challenges that are unusually difficult.

Initial scholarship winners are eligible to apply for Previous Recipient awards in subsequent years at community colleges and four-year institutions.

Scholarship awards are made in the spring of each year.

2019 Scholarship Winners

Community College Scholarships To Help Transform Lives

Scholarships at the community college level are one of our outstanding endeavors. Each year we look for students who are successfully managing their early college education, even though they have had or continue to have life circumstances or challenges that are more difficult than most. These scholarships are available.

  • New Recipient scholarships of $2,000 each are available for students who have not previously won an Assistance League scholarship. Please note the other requirements for eligibility.
  • Previous Recipient scholarships of $3,500 each are available for students who have previously won an Assistance League scholarship. Requirements differ from the “new recipient” requirements.
  • Foster Youth scholarships of $2,000 each are available. Applicants must be a current or former dependent of the Foster Care Program. Requirements differ from the”new or previous” requirements.
Reference may be a professor, instructor, advisor, work or volunteer supervisor, mentor, spiritual advisor, social worker, teacher, or counselor, who has current knowledge of the applicant.