History of National Assistance League and Sierra Foothills  

These documents will provide you with a good understanding of our beginnings from the start of Assistance League, the formation of Sierra Foothills and Operation School Bell.

National References and Support    

An annual national leadership conference is held in May for which we fund travel/hotel for the incoming President or, if they are unable to attend, we encourage the President Elect to attend and bring back and share new national strategy, policies, practices for chapters to use or adopt. During this conference National provides the President Checklist as well as the Redbook.

The Chapter President’s Timeline-Checklist (May 2018) is a good reference of what the President oversees. The execution of many of these tasks is done by Board members, committee chairs or members who then report to the President.

The AL2019 redbook is a single-reference to aid in locating important national Assistance League policies, documents and operation procedures.

Sierra Foothills Governance Model

Our chapter AL of Sierra Foothills Bylaws August 2019 and AL of Sierra Foothills SR Filed March 2019 are published and shared with all members when they join.  Annually, members renew their membership and also review and agree to chapter policies:  Conflict of InterestWhistle Blower Policy, ALSF Donor Privacy Policy, ALSF-Record-Retention-Policy-final_4.2.2019, and  Standardization of Written Materials 11_2018

Note:  Our chapter is in the throes of approving the Protected Persons Behavioral and Reporting Policy that is required by National AL to be implemented no later than June 1st 2020.   A separate component of this Protected Persons Policy is the Name Based Search Policy that we have not approved, nor determine how this would or should be implemented.  Name Based search is currently not a requirement for chapters to implement but rather to selectively determine which roles may be most suited for this as there is a cost to perform this.   I will send these to you under a separate email.

Chapter Statistics



Fundraising Percent Give Back Total Members Program Exp Total Expenses Volunteer Hours $$ Given Back to the Community
2017 6% 76.0% 106 $77,009 $101,309 14,720 $360K
2018 6% 81.5% 102 $96,467 $118,325 20,484 $511K
2019 8% 81.9% 105 $102,023 $124,543 15,112 $390K


Annually we track volunteer service hours.  We do this manually today and are in the throes of introducing an online page for members to enter their data which will roll up the chapter hours on a real-time  basis.  This information is critical to the organization as it is reported to National, who in turn provide us with the annual $/Volunteer Hour multiplier for us to use in our $$ reported given back to the community.

Current Reports (Strategic Plan) and Financials (annual report and 990) can be found on our ABOUT US page.

Finance will close the books at the end of the fiscal year.  Typically, they will generate and release the 990 for us to share publicly by Sept.  Our strategic plan has recently been updated; you will find it on this page as well.


Our chapter is composed of Board-level Committees and Standing/Appointed Committees.  Board committees have a 2 year term limit – however in some cases positions are hard to fill and individuals stay on until a replacement can be found.  In some cases, chairman will step down after one year or during a term – in these cases, the President can appoint a replacement.   We are in the process of developing a term limit policy for standing/appointed chairmen to give newer members the opportunity to join the leadership team and to encourage continuous growth or improvement.  Job description guidelines are attached for board members only at this time.

This is a list of our Chapter Committees .

Changing of the Guard

Positions in RED are board members who have completed their 2 yr term and stepping down after this fiscal year;  other board members will be returning to the board in 2020-21.  The nominating committee is seeking qualified candidates to fill the open positions.  The new slate will be presented by the nominating committee to membership at the March 2020 Meeting.   During the April Regular meeting the Parliamentarian will ask the Recording Secretary if there are any nominations petitions.  If none, move to accept the slate.  The nominating committee will disband at this time.

Current 2019-2020 Board & Job Descriptions

President     Charlet Burcin

o President Elect    Open

Vice President Membership  Diane Bradford

Vice President Philanthropic Programs   Joanne MacDonald

Vice President Resource Development    Dahn Kendall

Marketing Communications  Paula Bielby

Treasurer  Barbara Seidel

Technology  Carol Kovak

Education   Sharon Rondone

Strategic Planning    Vera Doettling

o   Recording Secretary   Irene Muzio

Pictures of current board members:   https://www.assistanceleague.org/sierra-foothills/about-us/board-of-directors/

The president selects their Parliamentarian at the beginning of the new term.  This person sits on the board but is not a voting member.  Carol Kovak is currently acting Parliamentarian.


Meeting Schedules

Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month  10:00 AM – noon location varies, lately we have been using the ESI conference room and/or will hold at board member homes.

General Membership (Regular Meeting) are held on the 4th Wednesday of the Month  9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Social Time;   10:00- noon General Meeting.  All meetings are held at the Faith Episcopal Church, Cameron Park.

No Meetings are held in JULY or DECEMBER  (except committee related meetings)

Chapter calendar   https://www.assistanceleague.org/sierra-foothills/volunteer/chapter-calendar/

President attends monthly committee meetings as appropriate or as needed.


President Communications

  • Bi-monthly Chapter Update – the President authors an email which is distributed to all active members, advisory board, and key national representatives. We are now posting archives on the web under Members/Chapter Update
  • Grants/Awards – the president may elect to attend award ceremonies and accept or send a delegate
  • Fundraising – the president authors the cover page message in our fundraising brochures
  • National AL – the president typically interfaces with national organization with the exception of committee chairmen who have counter-parts at national.