The Orientation and Education Committee role is to share new members with a high level summary of current and imperative information about our chapter and National Assistance League.   We provide new members with the tools and information to become an active member, establish mentor-ships to help integration within the chapter and provide ongoing education to all members.

We are so pleased you chose Assistance League Sierra Foothills to give back to the community.   The online member handbook,  provides you with direct links to information about our history, operational practices  and ways to apply your time, talent and treasure!

Bonni Bergstrom, Education Chairman


Volunteering takes many forms

Each member adjusts their volunteering to their personal needs.   You are a valued member of this organization and it is essential to our success that you participate in volunteering for one of our committees.  It’s the best way to become involved in our chapter and learn about our programs.

Help us run/operate our chapter, join a committee contact the committee chairman using the committee roster

Help us bring smiles to children, teens or seniors participate in one of our philanthropic activities:   OSB Shopping Event,  Books & Beyond School Readers,  S.M.I.L.E. Monthly Activity, etc.

Help make our fundraising events successful:  volunteer to work at one of our annual events Garden of the Hills and Homes for the Holidays visit the ALSF Volunteer Scheduling Dashboard for open activities and events.

giving back to the community

Our best advocate is “YOU”

Sharing touching moments from our program activities

Reinforcing the value of being able to clothe a child for $100

Promoting Assistance League in a Positive Way, preferred word list

Talking points  to select from when you only have a few minutes to share our brand

“To act as a friend at any and all times to men, women and children in need of care, guidance and assistance, spiritually, materially and physically.”

                                                                                     ~ Attributed to Assistance League Founder Anne Banning