Board of Directors
ALW Organizational Chart

Our Board of Directors work tirelessly to guide our organization to serve our community. They are responsible for evaluation of our program goals and monitoring our Strategic Plan.

Our Board members serve one year and are eligible for three (3) consecutive terms except for President-Elect which is a stand alone position for one year.  The Board represents a broad set of skills including leadership and fiscal responsibility.

Assistance League of Wichita Organizational Chart

  • Names all Appointed Chairs unless otherwise designated*
  • Appoints Parliamentarian/ByLaws Committee Chair*
  • Appoints Chair of Finance Committee*
  • Appoints Building Administrator
  • Appoints Circle Fund Chair*
  • Ex-officio of all committees except Nominating
  • Ex-officio all Committees
  • Board Liaison: Building, Education Committees/Positions
1st VP Philanthropic Programs  
  • Chair of Philanthropic Programs Committee
  • Appoints Committee Chairs: Operation School Bell®, Scholarship, Bear Hugs, Assault Survivor Kits
  • Board Liaison: Operation School Bell®, Scholarship, Bear Hugs, Assault Survivor Kits Committees/Positions
2nd VP Resource Development   
  • Chair of Resource Development Committee
  • Appoints Committee Chairs: Thrift Shop, Gift/Grants, Annual Fundraisers, Stewardship
  • Board Liaison: Thrift Shop, Gift/Grants, Annual Fundraisers, Stewardship Committees/Positions
3rd VP Marketing and Communications      
  • Chair of Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Board Liaison: Newsletter, Historian Committees/Positions
4th VP Membership  
  • Chair of Membership Committee
  • Appoints Committee Chairs: Orientation, Scheduling/Placement
  • Board Liaison: Orientation, Coordinator of Chapter Hub, Calling, Placement/Scheduling, Hospitality/Social Committees/Positions
5th VP Strategic Planning 
  • Chair and Board Liaison of Strategic Planning Committee
  • Member of Finance Committee
  • Member of Finance Committee
  • Board Representative to Finance, Service Hour Recorder Committee/Positions
Corresponding Secretary    
  • Board Representative to Remembrance


Elective Committees

Philanthropic Program Chair= 1st VP

Resource Development Chair= 2nd VP

Marketing/Communication Chair= 3rd VP

Membership Chair= 4th VP

Strategic Planning Chair= 5th VP

Appointive Standing Committees
Bylaws Chair Parliamentarian appointed by President*
Hospitality/Social Chair appointed by President*
Calling Committee Chair appointed by President*
Service Hour Recorder Chair appointed by President*
Remembrance Chair appointed by President*
Newsletter Chair appointed by President*
Historian Chair appointed by President*
Building Administrator Committee Chair appointed by President*
Education Chair appointed by President*
Orientation/ Placement Chair appointed by 4th VP
Database Chair appointed by President*
Finance Chair appointed by President*
Philanthropic Programs Chairs appointed by 1st VP
Thrift Shop/Gift/Fundraiser Chairs appointed by 2nd VP

Mission, Vision and Values


Assistance League of Wichita, a chapter of National Assistance League, is a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to transform the lives of children and adults through philanthropic programs.


Assistance League aspires to meet the challenging needs of individuals in communities across the nation.


Commitment – Serving the diverse and compelling needs of individuals and community

Leadership – Quality responsiveness to our community

Ethics Belief in integrity and authenticity

Accountability – Doing the right thing in a reliable way

Respect – Treating all with courtesy

Annual Report and Financials


Our brochure is a bi-annual printed production summary of our services offered and our budget.

Annual Report 2018 11-26-18 (1)

Assistance League of Wichita, Inc.-Report Gold star



May 2018 Form 990 Public Disclosure Copy

990 for alw May 2017

Tours and Presentations

Assistance League of Wichita member volunteers are available to conduct tours of our facilities for you or your organization and explain how our various programs create a better community.  Member volunteers can also provide fashion shows, modeling top-label clothing for sale in our thrift shop.  Call (316) 687-6107 for information.

Volunteers transforming lives and strengthening communities

Assistance League of Wichita 2019-20 Board of Directors


Ruth Ann Koepsel


Suzanne Koch

1st Vice President Philanthropic Programs

Connie Dietz

2nd Vice President Resource Development

Jane Farris

3rd Vice President Marketing/Communication

Mona Hobson

4th Vice President Membership

Susan Ensz

5th Vice President Strategic Planning

Susan Walston


Judy Zimbelman

Recording Secretary

Carla Cantrell

Corresponding Secretary

Dot Balton

Parliamentarian (non-voting)

Barb Smith

Assistance League of Wichita 2018-19 Advisory Committee

Kelsey Metzinger- Owner Bungalow 26

Wendy Johnson- Marketing USD 259

Josh Larson- Patron Service Director/Box Office Manager MTW

Mike Davis- Retired Educator/ Contractor

Sabrina Standifer- Attorney at Law