Assistance League of Wichita is committed to following our Mission and Vision as supported by our Values.

Strategic Plan (FY 2015-18) 


Assistance League of Wichita, a chapter of National Assistance League, is a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to transform the lives of children and adults through community-based philanthropic programs that address the needs of the Wichita Community.


Assistance League aspires to meet the challenging needs of individuals in communities across the nation.


Assistance League of has a rich history of supporting the vision and talents of our member volunteers, all engaged in service that puts caring and commitment into action in their communities. Five core values inform and craft leaders’ and members’ priorities and actions.


We believe that providing compassionate and caring services to individuals in our community. We believe we exist for the sole purpose of providing philanthropic services to meet the challenges posed by a diverse array of compelling individual and community needs.


We believe that the full measure of our leaders and members is the sum of the products of their vision, professionalism, ethics, sensitivity and the quality of responsiveness to individual needs.


We believe that integrity and authenticity in communication and action best demonstrate the most basic, intrinsic values held by member volunteers of this organization.


We believe that full accountability is the responsibility of our leaders and members, and is an appropriate expectation of this organization by those who support Assistance League’s work and those who receive its services. We believe that this responsibility demands and drives prudent fiscal and physical management, transparent internal and external relationships, viable program assessment and reasoned evaluation of personnel and organization performance.


We believe in the intrinsic value of those we serve and those with whom we serve. We believe that we can best demonstrate our respect for this value by providing fair and equitable treatment for our member and community volunteers, the recipients of our services and our donors and grantors.


  1. Develop a financial blueprint to insure that all financial commitments including philanthropic needs and mortgage responsibilities of Assistance League of Wichita will be met and potentially exceeded.

  2. Build community awareness.

  3. Strategically grow membership plus retain and better utilize the existing membership.


  1. Fund philanthropic programs at a level equal to or greater than fiscal 2015 actuals through gifts grants, fundraisers, and profits from the Assistance League of Wichita Thrift Shop.
  2. Maintain the structural integrity and property value of the building which houses the Assistance League of Wichita Thrift Shop at 2431 E. Douglas through capital funds.

Action Steps:

  • Evaluate current fundraisers and seek new fundraisers to maximize revenue intake and minimize expenditures
  • Seek new fundraisers which will gross at least $25,000 with a minimum of expense
  • Explore, find, and write for grant opportunities and endowment possibilities
  • Increase donations to the Thrift Shop, seek new donors, and fill the working shifts for the Thrift Shop to increase profits
  • Plan for better efficiency and long term usage of the Assistance League of Wichita Thrift Shop


  • All Assistance League of Wichita responsibilities have been met including needed maintenance of the building at 2431 E. Douglas
  • Analysis of philanthropic and maintenance expenditures and profits realized from fundraisers/grants/endowments/Assistance League of Wichita Thrift Shop and capital funds will reflect an increase in funding


  1. Expand public awareness of Assistance League of Wichita that will promote interest in and support by our diverse community.

Action Steps:

  • Educate through Speakers’ Bureau
    • Use the most current video presentation outlining philanthropic programs including interviews from recipients
    • Update video presentations as needed
    • Conduct an average of at least ten formal presentations a year
  • Continue press releases highlighting Assistance League of Wichita key events and programs
  • Identify opportunities to increase Assistance League of Wichita branding in the community at large
  • Continue to develop city-wide knowledge of the good efforts of Assistance League of Wichita and its programs
  • Continue to increase the number of applications submitted for scholarships
  • Operation School Bell® parents and school personnel will complete a survey about the impact of Assistance League of Wichita and evaluate the Operation School Bell process.


  • More scholarships are awarded
  • The results of the Operation School Bell surveys have 80% positive feelings for Assistance League of Wichita and will continue to have a higher percentage the following years.
  • The Speakers Bureau video presentation is updated and the number of presentations to community groups remains at ten or more per year.


  1. Grow total membership by 5% annually for each of the next three years from June 2015 to May 2018
  2. Retain existing and promote new membership by demonstrating appreciation of members

Action Steps:

  • Inform new members of participation opportunities during orientation
  • Develop new ways and continue current efforts to assure that members know they are appreciated
  • Develop a matrix of skills needed for Assistance League of Wichita and work to recruit members who are willing and qualified to accept those responsibilities
  • Annually complete a survey of members’ skills so that members’ strengths can be maximized and maintain a directory listing skills needed for Assistance League of Wichita and the names of members who have done work related to that skill
  • Divide larger committees into sub-committees so that members can maximize their participation and become more vested in Assistance League of Wichita
  • Assign a mentor to each new member
  • Continue electronic communications including newsletters, calendars, social media, and updates
  • Celebrate successes, achievements, and the volunteerism of Assistance League of Wichita member voklunteers.


  • Assistance League of Wichita membership increases by 5% yearly with fewer member resignations other than relocating as well as the member survey results indicate 85% member satisfaction.
  • A user-friendly chart will be on file listing skills needed for the successful function of Assistance League of Wichita and listing members who possess those skills under each skill with the chart updated annually.