DRIVING “FORE” WARD 2019 Sponsors

Assistance League of Atlanta would like to thank our sponsors of our 2019 DRIVING “FORE” WARD Golf Tournament who helped us serve those in need in our community through their generous donations.  Please click on the golf picture at the top of this box to see the list of sponsors.  Thanks to the donations from our sponsors and other donors, ten foursomes comprised of first responders, veterans and wounded warriors enjoyed a complimentary round of golf at the tournament. Assistance League is grateful for the support of so many and appreciate the opportunity to give back to those who have done so much for all of us.

Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors:


In addition to the Gold & Silver sponsors above, the following are our Tervis Cup sponsors:

        • Access Apparel
        • Fulcrum Construction
        • McKenneys – Rutledge
        • Cahaba
        • Cynthia Pierce, Realtor
        • Findlay Roofing

Hole Sponsors:

      • Assistance League of Atlanta Board of Directors:  Janis Miller, Kathy Wilson-Chu, Tobi Cohen, Yvonne Hughes, Joan Sellers, Shirley McJunkin, Lynn Soylemez, Paula Smiley, Debbie Baughman, Judy Nave
      • Assistance League of Atlanta Past Presidents: Marie Drake, Helen Harrison, Elaine McClean, Kathryn Ray, Virginia Robinson, Sherry Waugh 
      • Assistance League of Atlanta Past Presidents: Tobi Cohen, Sue Jones, Liz Kiker, Mary Sellers, Lynn Soylemez
      • Assistance League of Atlanta Hospitality Committee:  Diane Dear, Diane Haertel, Diane Hughes, Susan Johnson, Carol Mason, Barb Olson
      • Assistance League of Atlanta Warehouse Workers:  Marty Hlad, Debbie Nemnon, Brenda Dorrien, Kathy Boltwood, Marsha Hallenbeck, Chickie Ching
      • Assistance League of Atlanta Warehouse Workers:  Barbara Giddes, Lee Hedden, Charlie Dozier, Bob McCormick, Ann Malcom, Anina Morgan
      • Assistance League of Atlanta Warehouse Workers:  Heidi Vorpahl, Carol Steidle, Carol Kelleher, Cathy Findley, Julie & Alan Antinucci, Arlene Galbert
      • Assistance League of Atlanta Warehouse Workers:  Joann & Mike King, Joann Gallaher, Jean Thornton, Marianne Askew, Rita Tobin, Betty Wang
      • Lynn & John Farrell
      • Jean Kimmerle
      • Olson Law Firm – Eric Olson
      • Rock River Realty
      • Spencer Heating and Air
      • Swilley Realty
      • Gillian & Chris White
      • Williams, Turner & Mathis, Inc.
      • Yoma – J. R. Ching
      • Knights of Columbus – All Saints Catholic Church
      • McGriff Insurance
      • Dawson Jones Store Fixtures
      • XITRACS – Concord USA
      • Simple Finds
      • Dynasty Jewelry – Susan Levinson

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