Center for Young Adults

The Center for Yourg Adults  in Cobb County (CCYA) provides education, life skills and a sense of family for the youth who have been abandoned, abused, neglected and/or sexually exploited. The state pays for their basic room and board, and anything else must be acquired through donations. Jennifer LeBreque, Director of Grants Management, told us how our donations impact the youth there during COVID-19. “Assistance League of Atlanta has made such a tremendous difference in the quality of life for CCYA youth throughout the years, but during this pandemic and shelter-in-place, the impact has been far greater. They have ensured CCYA youth had healthy snacks, drinks, cleaning items to keep their “homes” disinfected and virus-free, items they needed as they “homeschooled,” and items that gave them a creative outlet such as poster board, therapeutic coloring books, and markers, as they remained on-campus in their cottages 24/7. “This has been hard on kids everywhere, and we are proud of how well our kids have handled sheltering-in-place…and so much of this is due to Assistance League’s partnership.”

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