National Assistance League ACTION! Week

ACTION! Week is a National Assistance League annual event held the last week in February with chapters across the U.S. choosing their own unique project to help less fortunate children in their respective communities. This year, our Atlanta Chapter’s Action! Week theme was about helping children less fortunate to blossom and grow and experience the transformation that someone caring about them can make. COVID forced us to think creatively about what we could do without being face-to-face with the children. Providing books to promote literacy is always dear to our hearts, so we expanded the idea of giving a book to a child by also giving them a Beanie Baby “buddy” and a healthy snack to make it really special. These items were packed up in ziploc bags with our label “Have Fun Reading With a Friend,” and 125 bags were delivered to Peachtree Elementary School during Action! Week. Due to COVID precautions, the school counselor agreed to distribute the book packages to the children for us.

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