Assistance League of the Bay Area Tallies $1 Million in Grants Since 2007

Assistance League® of the Bay Area is thrilled to announce the chapter has cumulatively tallied $1 million in grants since 2007, when robust recordkeeping began.

Achieving this milestone required a laser-focus effort from the volunteer team and committee leaders, who sought to improve the process by effectively and efficiently sharing our stories and strengthening and broadening our relationships with donors.

A significant shift occurred when Beverly Braden helmed the committee from 2017 through 2019.

In addition to strong leadership and dedicated committee members, the chapter has received ongoing support from numerous charitable foundations that were moved by the stories of those we serve and our impact on their daily life.

Although this landmark reflects activity for the last fifteen years, our organization has been #changinglives #onelifeatatime since 1994, the year our chapter chartered.

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