Assistance League® of the Bay Area Members Approve the Production of a Cookbook

In 1996, members of Assistance League of the Bay Area voted to create and publish its first cookbook, Settings on the Dock of the Bay.  The cookbook was three years in development as recipes were collected, tested, tasted, and rated, all while members hosted luncheons and dinner parties to narrow down selections.

Settings on the Dock of the Bay included a collection of creative and diverse recipes that expressed and explored the region’s multiplicity of cultures and commerce from the waters of the Gulf Coast to the outer limits of the universe.  Printed three times, this cookbook was awarded the prestigious 2000 Southwest Regional Winner of the Tabasco Community Cookbook Award.

“After two years of collecting and testing recipes, the #poundsforglory process was over. Settings on the Dock of the Bay became a reality.”

Sharon Dillard 1996-1997 President

“Sharon Dillard, Barbara Rosenthal, and I canvassed Galveston to set up retail accounts before the holidays.  The Emporium on the Strand, after some negotiation and seeing the effects of humidity on my makeup and hair, agreed to take 24 books, with the typical order being six.  It turned out to be a great partnership for our chapter and the cookbook for quite some time!”

Charlotte Teeter

Success of First Publication Leads to a Second Culinary Collection of Recipes

Pleased with the success of the acclaimed first cookbook, Assistance League of the Bay Area decided to create a new collection of Texas Gulf Coast recipes.  The second cookbook, Settings Sunrise to Sunset, provided a culinary adventure as eclectic recipes spotlighted treasured favorites from members, area gourmets, and local restaurants.

In both cookbooks, the picturesque beauty of the Bay area was represented in beautiful photographs of local landmarks and scenic views captured by well-respected local photographer, Pam Culpepper, CCP.  Cookbook collectors were delighted in the clever menu selections, complete with wine and beverage selections that promised to make holiday parties and special events even more exceptional.

“With an unexpected committee chairman resignation in the middle of production, my very dear friend, Donna Gartner graciously took over the position and was able to bring the cookbook to print. It was a job well done.”

Donna James 2004-2005 President

The Sun Sets on Settings

Cookbooks Achieve Goal of Fulfilling Chapter’s Mission

It was the original mission of Assistance League of the Bay Area to raise needed funds through the sales of the cookbooks and promote awareness of its philanthropic programs.   With 45,000 cookbooks now in the hands of cooks all across the world, this mission has been accomplished.

“When I count my blessings this month I will number among them the wonderful members that brought these books to life. Over the course of the publication and sales of the books, they brought in over $200,000 and enabled our chapter to extend the reach of Operation School Bell® to eight school districts. It was fitting that the last of the donated cookbooks were delivered to our most geographically removed school – Crenshaw School on Bolivar Peninsula.”

Brooks Cima 2020-2021 President