Dressing Children in Need (Pre K-12)

Clear Creek, Deer Park, Dickinson, Friendswood, Galveston, La Porte, Santa Fe, and Texas City Independent School Districts
The Mosbacher Odyssey Academy,
a charter public school with locations in El Lago and Galveston Island

Since 2001, Assistance League® of the Bay Area has provided clothing to over 33,000 students through Operation School Bell.

Operation School Bell provides new clothing, uniforms, jackets, belts, shoes, socks, underwear, and hygiene kits to thousands of students throughout the greater Houston-Galveston Bay Area.

This national philanthropic program was founded in 1958 with humble beginnings as a clothes closet in a Los Angeles schoolroom. The closet was established after Ruth Ann Montgomery discovered members of one family were alternating their days in school because they had to share clothes and there were not enough to go around. Since then, the program has served nearly four million students in need nationwide.

For the fiscal year ending May 31, 2023, Assistance League of the Bay Area worked with authorized campus personnel across eight independent school districts and one public charter school district to provide 2,404 students with school-appropriate clothing.

These are the first new school clothes they have ever worn for many students.

Elementary school students (Pre-K through 5th grade) are allocated $125 to spend at designated JCPenney® or Target Department Stores, depending on their location. Secondary students (6th – 12th grade) are allocated $150.

There is a clear and growing need in our community for these services. School psychologists and social workers have observed that children who come to school and feel that they are inadequately dressed are at a disadvantage. Appropriate school clothing improves attendance, classroom performance, conduct, self-esteem, and health.

Funding for Operation School Bell is raised through the chapter’s award-winning Resale Shop at 100 E NASA Parkway, Suite 80 in Webster, an annual fundraiser, and a substantial grants program. Other generous funding comes from private and community donations.

Click here to read a thank you from one of our recipients.

Testimonials from Campus Personnel

“Johnny came to Communities In Schools – Bay Area at the beginning of the school year asking for assistance for his mom. After calling mom, we determined that financially the family was struggling severely. We referred him to Assistance League for school clothes. After their shopping trip, Johnny stated that he got not only new clothes, but also new shoes. He stated that he was a little embarrassed to go shopping for free, but that everyone treated him “like a king” and he was excited to show off his new clothes and shoes. Johnny has shown a lot more confidence and has become much more outgoing! He thanks you from the bottom of his heart for making the beginning of the school year exciting for him.”  Communities In Schools Student Support Specialist

Communities In Schools Student Support Specialist

“One of my students came to us after having to leave her home and all of her belongings due to an unsafe situation. She was so thrilled to have a shopping day at Kohl’s and proudly came to my office each morning after to show me her new outfits each day. This student struggles with self-confidence, so Operation School Bell gave her a serious boost!”  High School Counselor

High School Counselor

“We had a new student at our school who had clothing that was stained and worn out. She was so embarrassed to wear her clothing at school. We were able to supply her with an Operation School Bell form, allowing her to obtain new clothing. She returned to school feeling very proud and special. She came and told us how excited she was to have new clothing, which her mother could never have afforded on her own. This is simply one example of many who do the same as she has done.” Elementary School Counselor

Elementary School Counselor

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