Assistance League of the Bay Area is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that is comprised of multi-talented member volunteers working together to fulfill its mission. We are an organization whose members volunteered over 26,000 hours last year. Our volunteers are dedicated to improving the lives of those in need in the Houston Bay Area community through hands-on programs.

Membership Benefits

In contributing to the goals of Assistance League of the Bay Area, you will have a sense of connection in our community. Choose from the philanthropic programs and committees that interest you and would benefit from your unique skills. Make a difference in your community by sharing your enthusiasm and extending a helping hand while making new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Operation School Bell®

Resale Shop

Operation Cinderella

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to those who wish to be of service to our community and have the time, creativity and passion to volunteer.  The joy of giving is expressed through extraordinary programs chosen to meet the specific needs of our community.

Assistance League of the Bay Area welcomes anyone interested in community service and willing and able to meet the membership requirements to join our chapter.

Prospective members are encouraged to attend an orientation program to ensure they understand the commitment and to become familiar with the philanthropic programs, committees and fundraising activities of the organization.

Become one of us! Join an incredible group of volunteers who are dedicated to making a difference in their community.

Membership Levels and Requirements

Additional information regarding new member requirements and ongoing membership responsibilities may be found below.

  • Attend regular, annual and special chapter meetings
  • Participate in and support the philanthropic programs and fundraising activities and social events of the chapter
  • Have the right to vote and hold office
  • Volunteer services at the Resale Shop at least two (2) times per year
  • May participate in and support the philanthropic programs and
    fundraising activities of the chapter
  • May participate on committees but shall not be a committee chairman
  • May attend regular meetings and social events

How to Join?

  • Complete membership application below and submit new member dues.
  • You will be contacted by a member of the Prospective Member Committee with next steps which include a schedule of three (3) orientation training sessions.
  • Begin building your network and getting involved!

Feel free to e-mail Cindy Sebald, Prospective Members Chairman, with any questions or for more information!

Membership Applications

Membership applications are accepted at anytime.  Training is conducted September through May.


Contact Us

(281) 554-2594