Assistance League Patient Support

We provide new clothing to ER hospital patients in need

Hospital Patient Support program provides new, comfortable clothing to the Emergency Department at Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center.

We supply articles of new clothing, including t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants to patients. The nursing staff distributes the clothing to patients who, in the event of injury, assault or trauma, do not have clothing to wear home from the hospital. The program also provides appropriate new clothing for homeless or disoriented patients who are brought into the emergency room.

Although our volunteers do not have direct contact with the patients, the Emergency Department staff is very supportive and appreciative of this service and have made the following comments:

“Thank you for this great program. It has significant impact when a patient is injured, and clothes are cut off or are involved in a major accident, assault or trauma and their clothing is ruined.”

How we're making a difference ( 2018-2019 )

in need ER patients
provided with clothing
spent on clothing for ER patients in need
items of new clothing provided to ER patients

ER Patients of injury, assault or trauma are comforted

New clothing from Assistance League provides a valuable service
to patients in need. Thank you!

-Emergency Department at Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center

Help someone in need.

Want to help those in need?

Our homeless folks have little in the way of warm, clean garments to wear. Their stuff can be beyond repair when they are admitted to our unit, or it is a health hazard that should not be cleaned in our community washer.

-Emergency Department at Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center