Operation School Bell Award

Allies are important in the growth of any philanthropic program. Dr. Rosanna Saladin-Subero(Assistant Director of Community Partnerships for CMS and recipient of the award), is a great resource and cheerleader for our programs. She has targeted areas in need in CMS for our expansion programs, helped us to “iron out the wrinkles’ in our programs, introduced us to key people in the school community who could help us better serve the children in Charlotte, organized a pick up and delivery system for our Outreach  programs and is a dear and faithful friend to Assistance League Charlotte.  This year there were only 12 chapters nationwide that awarded this honor to a deserving recipient.  We are proud to have nominated Rosanna  for our organization’s highest Operation School Bell award.  Pictured from left to right: Susan Smylie, Sandy White, LaTarzja Henry (Director of Community Partnerships for CMS) and Natalie Norman .

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