First Day of Operation School Bell

The children have arrived!! All summer we had been preparing for their arrival. Coats, uniforms, hygiene kits, books, underwear and socks had all been delivered and our teams of volunteers processed and shelved it all. The Back Room Boys set up the rolling carts and  the tables and chairs and all we needed were the children.

The bus arrived and the children piled out and came into our building. Our volunteer shoppers greeted them with smiles and lots of “ Glad you are here” and “Welcome, so good to see you!”

Eyes lit up as they entered the room and sat down at the primary colored tables and looked around the room. They listened to instructions and waited for their name to be called to go shopping. The fitting room was buzzing with activity as children tried on pants and came out to show the volunteers how well they fit or to let them know they needed a different size. New coats were viewed in the mirror and the recipients grinned at their reflections.

Those waiting to be called were busy coloring and chatting quietly with their friends.

The Multi Purpose Room becomes a very happy place filled with laughter and camaraderie when the children arrive. Volunteers work hard to make their experience a good one and there are lots of high fives and hugs when the children leave to return to school.

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