Community Culinary School Scholarship Awarded

Congratulations to Community Scholarship recipient Alicia on her recent graduation from CCSC!  Assistance League is helping to change the lives of children and their families through our CCSC Community Scholarship. Alicia is this fiscal year’s recipient and per Anne Lambert, Director of Development, CCSC, “…Alicia is a standout in class 67.”
Alica was born and raised in Charlotte and has three kids. Before coming to CCSC, she was a manager at a clinic, doing everything from payroll to cleaning. But when COVID happened, she decided she needed to leave for her own health and safety.
Alicia has always known how to do many things, but she is happiest when she is cooking. She loves being able to make other people happy through her food. Her kids love requesting a special family creation called the cheeseburger pie. Alicia believes that presentation and taste are equal partners when cooking, so she wants to make sure that everything looks as good as it tastes. She hopes to open her own business one day called “Mouthful by the Bite,” specializing in mini foods and desserts.

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