Assistance League of Charlotte Mecklenburg County Teen Court Recognition
Award Policies and Procedures


I. Purpose of Awards Program

Assistance League of Charlotte Mecklenburg County Teen Court (MCTC) provides grants that pay for individuals to attend an educational institution, either a public or private college or university, or a vocational school. Grants made from such funds shall be referred to as “awards.” Such awards are intended to provide life-long opportunities for students and to benefit the community through enhancement of the workforce.

II. Legal Compliance

In administering awards, Assistance League of Charlotte MCTC adheres to the federal requirements for all award funds to maintain the charitable nature of Assistance League’s award program and to guard against any private benefit to individuals associated with the award program.

The policies governing the award grants are written so as to ensure the grants are used to study at “an educational organization which normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regularly enrolled body of pupils or students in attendance at the place where its educational activities are regularly carried on” Internal Revenue Code 170(b)(1)(A)(ii) and meet the definition of “qualified award,” meaning they are used for “tuition and fees required for the enrollment or attendance of a student at an educational organization described in section 170(b)(1)(A)(ii),” and “fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction at such an educational organization” IRC 117(a) and IRC 117 (b). Such further conditions ensure such grants are not a “taxable expenditure” as outlined in IRC 4945 (g)(1).

III. Role of a MCTC Recognition Award Committee Member

All MCTC Recognition Award Committee members must evaluate the eligibility of all applicants without bias and conflicts of interest and make selection recommendations based on the established specific selection criteria for the recognition award.

IV. Award Criteria

MCTC Recognition Award recipients are to be selected on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. Award criteria may include, but are not limited to, the following: hours of service to the
Mecklenburg County Teen Court Program; recommendations of such applicant from others who have knowledge of the applicant’s involvement in service to others and the community; conclusions which the MCTC Recognition Award Committee may draw as to the applicant’s motivation and character.

Award recipients must be secondary school students who are pursuing studies to meet the requirements for an academic or professional degree, or students – whether full-time or part-time –
who receive an award for study at an educational institution that provides an educational program acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s or higher degree, or offers a training program to prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation and is authorized under federal or state law to provide such a program and is accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency. All awards must be used for tuition, room and board, materials, fees, and related expenses.

Awards are for one year. Awards must meet and comply with all federal regulations regarding their benefits and usage.

V. Award Selection Processes

The MCTC Recognition Award Committee administers one award process, following the procedures below:

1. The MCTC Recognition Award offers an online application, available January 1st of the new year.

2. Applicants must adhere to all guidelines and submit a standard application and required supporting documents by the deadline (the last Tuesday in February) to be considered.

3. Applicants are advised that the school they choose to attend must be one that meets the definition as outlined in IRC §170(b)(1)(A)(ii).

4. Applications are reviewed and placed into consideration for the awards for which they meet the criteria.

i On the day immediately following the submission deadline, final cumulative and current MCTC teen volunteer hours are tabulated and reported.

5. The MCTC Recognition Award Selection Committee meets and reviews the applications in March.

i Committee chair confirms with Assistance League of Charlotte and MCTC budgeted funds available for award(s).
ii Committee identifies award recipients and recommends cash allocation.

6. The MCTC Recognition Award Committee notifies the MCTC Committee members and Assistance League of Charlotte Board of awards and then notifies the recipients in April.

i MCTC Recognition Award recipients are required to provide their university ID number.
ii Committee Chair confirms university outside award mailing address via email to the university bursar office.

7. Award checks are written on July 15th (or Monday following when the 15th occurs on a weekend), made payable to the school with the student’s name and ID included in the correspondence so that the correct student account is credited. The school must meet the description of higher education as outlined in IRC §170(b)(1)(A)(ii). Awards are to benefit the specific scholar only and schools may not use the award for other purposes. The school will be advised it must agree to use the award funds only to defray the scholar’s enrollment or attendance tuition and fees and/or fees, books, supplies and equipment needed for courses of instruction. The school must return the funds if unable to abide by the stipulation.

8. Award recipients are responsible for providing their current and updated contact information during the application period and for the academic year.

9. The MCTC Recognition Award Committee will keep updated, detailed records on all scholars and their respective award for three years after the award is expended.
Electronic and paper records are governed by Assistance League’s confidentiality and record retention policies.

VI. Award Recordkeeping

Assistance League of Charlotte MCTC Recognition Award Committee will maintain records regarding award information in keeping with Assistance League of Charlotte document retention and confidentiality policies:

VII. Publicity

The MCTC Recognition Award Committee will publicize the award program through Assistance League of Charlotte:
• digital and print publications,
• website and social media sites,
• at the Assistance League of Charlotte Center,
• invitation to the top recipient(s) to speak at a member meeting, and
• as determined by the ALC Marketing committee.