All work and no play is not our motto.  After putting in over 52,000 hours last year and taking care of business by electing our new Board for the year 2017-18, we had some fun:

 Our first event was Fun Bus Tour.  We enjoyed lunch at Old Mecklenburg Brewery followed by a 2 hour bus tour. A big red bus took us through parts of Charlotte.  Our tour guide was a comedian by night and a tour guide by day.  Lots of fun was had by all.

 We also combined work with play when a group of member volunteers formed a bowling team and raised money for the Rotary Club of Southpark.  Assistance League also benefited with a percentage of the money raised. We received over $1,400 from the event.  It has become an annual event for us.

 Another fun event was participating in the Exit Strategy challenge.  Our first order of business was to have lunch at Old Mecklenburg Brewery followed by a challenging event at Exit Strategy.  We broke up into 6 groups to solve 6 different mysteries. None of the groups were successful, but we had fun trying.