Operation School Bell®

Elementary, middle school and high school students, recommended by their school counselors,  are allowed to shop for school-appropriate clothing at a Kohl’s department store. Each grade level is given a budget within which to “shop”.  Each student leaves with new clothes, a hygiene kit,  a wide grin and a renewed sense of confidence.

Assault Survivor Kits®

Basic clothing and hygiene items are provided to Memorial Hospital  to be given to survivors of traumatic situations who must leave their own clothing for police evidence.

Sweet Dreams

New mattress/box spring sets are provided to teens being emancipated from foster care or homelessness.

Operation Can You Hear Me?

Preschool children are tested for hearing deficiencies so any problems can be addressed before they enter elementary school.  Assistance League of Colorado Springs volunteers screen the children at their preschool.  Those students who do not pass two screenings are referred to local audiologists for further testing.

Buddy Bear

Teddy bears with Assistance League of Colorado Springs “logo” shirts are provided to individuals in traumatic situations.

Halloween Wishes

Halloween costumes supplied to children in need.

These are but a few of the small miracles we
help make happen throughout any given year.