• Started in 1985 in partnership with a local audiologist
  • Hearing screening is normally provided when children enter elementary school.
  • Hearing deficit may affect school performance.

Definition and Process

  • Is an audio screening program for preschool age children conducted in cooperation with El Paso County Health Department-Special Needs Program and local certified audiologists.
  • Assistance League of Colorado Springs volunteers screen the children at their preschool.  Those students who do not pass two screenings are referred to local audiologists for further testing.

Additional Details

  • Screenings are scheduled January through March.
  • In 2016, approximately 700 students in 30 different preschools were screened by 29 volunteers.
  • An audiologist from School District #11 trains Assistance League of Colorado Springs members every 2-3 years and gives updates as needed.
  • Assistance League of Colorado Springs owns 8 audiometers which are professionally calibrated at the end of each screening year.
  • Approximately 8% of students tested are referred for further testing.

Stories & Testimonials

  • One student referred on for further testing was found to have a bean in his ear!
  • Directors from various preschools often express appreciation for our program being instrumental in helping them have what can be a difficult conversation with families.