LaToya Williams – Metropolitan Community College – $1,000 Scholarship winner

Will attend Metropolitan Community College – Blue River Campus.

She passed her high school equivalency test and realized that only her education could get her and her four beautiful children where they deserve to be. She’s been at MCC for three semesters and plans to stay on course until she is successful enough to get off section 8 and food stamps.

LaToya’s presentation to Assistance League of Kansas City

I once was a little girl without direction. I didn’t have a yellow brick road to follow, or breadcrumbs left for me to find my way. I didn’t have someone to tell me what I am good at or love me for my flaws. Shortly after I was a teenager. A lost girl searching for love in a world with no map. I found what I thought was love until I met my daughter Jalisa, at seventeen. I knew I had to be for her what wasn’t for me. I accepted my newfound purpose and welded Mom into my heart. While taking care of my daughter I lost someone I barely knew, myself.

 Years go by and I have given birth to three other children. At this time being a mom was all I knew (hints the four children). Life as a mother was great, but something was missing. Covid hits and my life changed forever. I was forced to homeschool my children to keep them safe. Teaching a kindergartener, a third grader, and two middle school children taught me my very first lesson in education, I am extremely smart. So, in April 2021 I decided to take the high school equivalency test at Metropolitan Community College and passed on the first try. I didn’t t know college was in my future until an advisor reached out to me and made me fill out FASFA application. Two months later summer classes began and so did my journey.

 I was ready to start because I knew I was exhibiting the best example for my children. What my future holds I do not know so I will reach for the moon and hope to end up somewhere in the stars.

Thank you so much for this opportunity that helps me pursue my education.