Respecting the privacy of our members, clients, customers, and donors is a central value of Assistance League of Kansas City (ALKC). Personal and financial information of all donors is confidential and shall not be disclosed or discussed with anyone unless it serves a specific ALKC purpose. We honor the right of donors to opt out of publicizing their donation.


ALKC acknowledges donors by name and/or description of donation only after the donors have provided written permission. If a donor chooses to opt out of any acknowledgement listings in ALKC publications, the donor’s name and address shall be made available only to members holding these positions: President, President-elect, Vice-president for Resource Development, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurers and members of the Grants Committee and the Step Up for Students Committee. It is of vital importance to safeguard discussions of donor confidential information and/or documents containing confidential information around unauthorized individuals.


All records of donations to ALKC shall be maintained according to the applicable standards of record retention in effect at the time of the donation. All donations received after March 2017 shall be recorded and maintained in a donor relations software. Only the President, President- elect, Vice-president for Resource Development, the Grants’ Committee Chairman and the Step Up for Students’ Committee Chairman have access to the donor relations software. ALKC operates The ReSALE SHOP. The names of donors contributing to the shop shall not bedisclosed without the donor’s consent.

A donor’s photograph shall not be used at any time in any chapter publication without thedonor’s written consent. In the case of a minor, written consent shall be obtained from the parent/guardian.


A. Each new responsible person shall be required to review a copy of this Policy and to acknowledge such in writing.
B. This policy shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors. Any changes to the Policy shall be communicated immediately to all Responsible Persons.

Donor Privacy Policy 10/2018