Assault Survivor Kits®

The Assault Survivor Kits program provides personal care items for sexual assault victims treated in hospital emergency rooms. In 2022-2023 alone, our kits provided comfort to 1,170 women and men throughout our local communities, all survivors of sexual assault. 
The Assault Survivor Kits are distributed by hospital advocates of MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault) when victims present at more than 30 hospitals on both sides of the state line throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.  The Assault Survivor Kits program provides clothing and personal items to help assault victims, whose garments are retained by the police for evidence, to leave the hospital comfortably and with dignity.  Assistance League of Kansas City is the only group to provide this service for MOCSA. 
Since the program began in 1997, an incredible 11,000 kits have been distributed; each kit costs Assistance League of Kansas City approximately $30.00 to produce.  Each kit is lovingly assembled by our volunteers.


2022 –  2023 Program Review


Kits Distributed


Partnered with MOCSA


Dollars Spent

Each reusable discreet kit contains

  • pants

  • shirt

  • underwear

  • a variety of hygiene items (donated via a partnership with the National Charity League)

  • booklet I Know My Options  I Have Choices, compiled by MOCSA.

The staff at MOCSA is always grateful for all that Assistance League of Kansas City and the Assault Survivor Kits program do to help their clients.  MOCSA says, “There is no other agency that fulfills this need. Thank you so much for all you do in helping us provide the best service we can to survivors of sexual violence.”
“The kits are an important part of the healing process.”

MOCSA volunteer

“I am very grateful for the clothes, the police took mine.”


I like this, it is so nice.  The clothes are so comfortable.”


“I’m homeless and had been wearing the same clothes for 5 days before I went to the hospital, so having the clothes in the kit was really nice.”


 “I feel like a person again.”


“I’m so very grateful for the toiletries, especially the toothbrush.”


Our Volunteers Hard at Work