I'm In Charge

I’m In Charge is a school curriculum developed especially for elementary-age students focusing on safety in emergency and non-emergency situations when a child is alone at home or on their own away from home.  The program helps open dialogue between students and their families and teaches practical skills that can be used right away.  I’m In Charge helps kids solve problems and equips them with the skills they need to stay safe.
Since the I’m In Charge program began in 1984, over 160,000 elementary students have received information and training on being safe when alone at home or away from home.
In the past, the program was presented through workbooks, a dvd, and a facilitator’s manual.  However, beginning with the 2020 school year, the I’m In Charge program was updated and has been available to schools entirely online in both English and Spanish.  This makes it convenient for students to use the materials whether they are physically in the classroom or learning virtually.
In the 2021-2022 school year, 6,447 children in 13 area public school districts, one parochial school, and one private school directly benefited from the I’m In Charge program.
A broad range of critically important safety topics are covered by the I’m In Charge curriculum, which engages students in meaningful discussions and lively role-playing situations addressing:
    • using the telephone
    • answering the door
    • inappropriate touching, stranger danger
    • fire safety
    • guns
    • first-aid
    • Internet safety
    • emergency weather situations
A little girl with a backpack, a schoolgirl opens the doors of the school.

2021 –  2022 Program Review


Children Served


13 public school districts
1 parochial school
1 private school


Dollars Spent

School Social Workers Love the I’m In Charge Curriculum

“The information about stranger danger and taking care of themselves is a great foundation for the topic of personal safety and boundaries…thank you for providing this wonderful resource…”

98% of responding school counselors felt the program provided a needed service to participating students and families.

”This is a curriculum complete with a professional quality video and enough high-quality booklets for every student each year.”

”It is not an exaggeration to say that this curriculum resource is the best discussion starter… about the subject of safety available.”

98% of responding school counselors strongly agree that the program encouraged participating students to become more aware of their own safety when home alone or on their own away from home.

What  3rd Graders Are Saying About I’m In Charge!
  • I  learned to be safe wherever I go.”
  • “I learned about car safety rules.”
  • “I learned how to be safe.”
  • “I learned not to talk to strangers.”