Operation Child In Need

Operation Child In Need helps any child in our community whose family is unable to provide the things that would help their educational, physical, or emotional development. Operation Child In Need distributes backpacks filled with school supplies as well as fulfilling requests for clothing, vision exams and glasses, food assistance, and other needs that cannot be met by the adults caring for these children.
Requests for assistance are made to Assistance League of Kansas City through school counselors and social workers. Operation Child In Need began in 1991 and is truly a unique program meeting important individual needs of children that are not being met through other assistance programs.

2022 –  2023 Program Review


Total clients  served
Clients were served


Vouchers for supplies and services were provided


Dollars Spent

In 2022-2023, a total of 1,542 clients were served.

  • 845 vouchers for supplies and services were provided
  • 355 filled backpacks were given out
  • 572 people, including 461 children, received Aldi gift cards
  • 38 children and their parents received Holiday Angels items
  • Approximately 800 children received after-school snacks


Individual requests granted during past years include:
  • eye exams and glasses
  • portable cribs, diapers and baby supplies
  • helmets for children with special needs
  • Christmas gifts for a family whose gifts were stolen
  • birth certificate, clothing and shoes for a homeless boy so he could get a job
  • dental procedures
  • many requests for clothing for needy children in crisis such as homelessness, domestic violence, or removal from homes


Vision Source

Examples of requests received

These children just came into foster care and were the victims of severe medical neglect. One child is having serious dental procedures this week and Medicaid does not cover the cost of his anesthesia for the procedure. There is serious tooth decay and the child had never seen a dentist before coming into care at age 8. The foster family is requesting help to pay for the anesthesia, which will cost $100. The family will have to pay out of pocket to cover this, as it has to be done, but this will put a burden on them financially as the boys just came into care and so the foster family hasn’t received any financial help from the state of MO yet. Thank you for any help!

Operation Child in Need paid the $100 anesthesia invoice. 

Amari recently came into our care. Amari is very stubborn and hard-headed but just needs some direction. She is coming from a family that could not wait to sign over their rights and she may feel lost and unwanted. Amari is needing a clothing voucher, especially with winter coming up and we are hoping someone can help us out. Thank you for everything.

Operation Child in Need provided a voucher for clothing and a coat.

We are asking for help for two brothers. The family would like help for the boys to be able to play basketball in an organized league this winter. They are first-time foster parents and want to give them this opportunity as they have never been able to do anything like this as they were removed from a situation where the children were confined to a room. They are suffering a lot of trauma and need this so that they can get some of their energy out and not be so aggressive toward each other.

Operation Child in Need paid the basketball league fees for the boys.

Notes of Appreciation

The kids feel so much better about themselves.
Thank you for your generosity to help my grandson.
Thanks for the contribution, It is very much appreciated. God bless.
I’m now able to have better clothes for school and for my first job!

Better Together

Assistance League of Kansas City would like to thank the following for
their support of Operation Child In Need
  • Vision Source Eyecare
  • Bombas
  • Find Your Fabulosity
  • Hall Family Foundation
  • Harrah’s North Kansas City
  • Irven E. and NeVada P. Linscomb Foundation
  • Aldi Community Cares Community
  • J. B. Reynolds Foundation
  • Oppenstein Brothers’ Foundation
  • QuikTrip Corporation
  • The Edward G and Kathryn E. Mader Foundation
  • Vision Source Eyecare
  • Walmart  Gladstone Super Center #1120

Our Volunteers Hard at Work

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