Operation School Bell® provides new clothing and supplies to local elementary, middle school, high school students in need.

Operation School Bell also includes extended calendar (two year-round schools), unaccompanied youth (high school students), and uniforms.

  • 3,431 total (2,719 elementary, 636 middle school and 76 high school) students in eight area school districts received services though Operation School Bell during 2018-2019.
  • 37,656 elementary, middle school and high school students have been clothed over the last 27 years of Operation School Bell’s operation.
  • Tenth year of operation for the middle school program – 3,115 middle school students served since inception.
  • 119 high school students have been served since 2018.

A teacher comment: “…this program has been helpful in boosting student confidence by decreasing the social issues related to wearing the right clothes.

Student comments: “…”it felt really cool and special” and ” Thank you for the clothes. The clothes fit on very well and I really like the red jacket I got.

A counselor comment:  “Operation School Bell provides a positive relational experience as well as a resource of new clothing which are factors that build resilience for students at risk.”

Parent comment:   “Attending Operation School Bell not only helps relieve some of the financial burden for our entire family, it gives my 7-year-old daughter a sense of independence to be allowed to choose what she likes to wear.”

Operation School Bell Video