The Outreach program began in 1993 and enables Assistance League of Kansas City member volunteers to address a wide variety of community needs on a one-time-only basis.  We work in partnership with school districts and local community organizations to provide this assistance. Each project under this program addresses specific needs that cannot be met through our other programs.
In 2022-2023, for example, the Outreach program provided the North Kansas City school district with 112 modest-style swimsuits to allow all third-grade students to participate in the ‘Learning to Swim Safety Program’.
In that same year, we received a request from the Metropolitan Community College’s (MCC) Common Read program for help with a large project.  They needed 230 copies of the book “Enrique’s Journey” for their students.  Our Outreach program provided all 230 books that were requested.
 Other projects have included:
  • Providing emergency backpacks filled with sweatshirt, sweatpants, t-shirt, sports bra/boxers, in sizes S-XXL, socks and a warm blanket for social workers in each of North Kansas City School District’s four high schools to keep in their offices for emergency distribution for unaccompanied youth in their district. The backpacks were donated by First Student Bus Services and the socks were donated by Bombas.
  • Providing diapers and wipes to a northland infant care centers.
  • Providing uniforms for Lee A. Tolbert charter school.
  • Furnishing a selection of books for Children’s Mercy Hospital Chapel Library to provide comfort for families being served by their Chaplaincy Services.
  • Supplying assistance when Winnetonka High School identified a growing number of students without any parental supervision or permanent home who wanted to remain in school and work to obtain their high school diploma. We provided sturdy backpacks to carry laptops, books, and clothing. We also furnished duffel bags for these students to discreetly obtain and transport food items from the school pantry.
Unfortunately, we are unable to help individuals. Please speak to your child’s school counselor or social worker and they can contact us through our request form.
School Counselor or Social Worker click here for the request form.

Helping with special projects to support the needs of the community.