The Scholarship program provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors, as well as non-traditional community college students, to assist them with the cost of pursuing a degree. Over $149,000 in scholarships have been awarded to local 94 students who might not otherwise have been able to afford a post-secondary education since the Scholarship program began in 2017.
To qualify, students must meet specific requirements and demonstrate financial need. Applications are available in January of each year.   The number of scholarships and the amount of each scholarship may vary depending on Assistance League’s revenue annually.

2022 – 2023 Program Review


Scholarships Awarded


School Districts and Colleges Served


Dollars Spent

Scholarship History

2022-2023:  20  students awarded scholarships totaling $37,000

2021-2022:  15 students awarded scholarships totaling $30,000.

2020-2021:  14 students awarded scholarships totaling $35,000.

2019-2020:  7 students awarded scholarships totaling $7,000.
ddddddddd(lower  awarded scholarships due to the pandemic)

2018-2019: 18 students awarded scholarships totaling $20,000.

2017-2018: 20 students awarded scholarships totaling $20,000.

  Watch for the application deadline for high school seniors in  2024.

Districts served:

      • Center
      • Excelsior Springs
      • Kearney R-1
      • Liberty
      • North Kansas City
      • North Platte R-1
      • Park Hill
      • Platte County R-3
      • Smithville R-2
      • St. Pius X
      • West Platte R-3

Colleges  served: 

      • Metropolitan Community Colleges of Kansas City

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Raz Ali – Winnetonka High School – $3,000 Scholarship Winner

Raz plans to attend UMKC as a pre-med and B.A./M.D. student. As a pre-schooler, she was tested and placed in ELL classes.  By the time she was in middle school, she had conquered the English language and was a two-time school spelling bee champion! One reference states, “She embodies the perfect representation of an educated, […]

Anyla Banks – Center High School – $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Nyla plans to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia in order to pursue educational counseling. Her reference states, “Anyla is well equipped to grow from challenges that she is presented with. Her critical thinking, problem solving, and open mindedness prepare her beautifully for her future endeavors.”

Avery Baxter – Oak Park High School – $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Avery plans to attend Ozark Technical Community College and major in Early  Education or Elementary Education. Her dream is to see the kids that she helps grow up and become strong, educated, independent adults that can do whatever they set their minds to. A reference states, “She just lights up when working with students and […]

Marin Chamberlin – Oak Park High School – $5,000 Scholarship Winner

Marin plans to attend the University of Missouri in Columbia to major in Constitutional Democracy and plans to attend law school after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree. Her reference states, “She is ready to assume and excel in upper division classwork, and possesses the self-motivation to successfully create and execute an independent course of honors study.”

Kendal Cunningham – Center High School – $1,500 Scholarship Winner

Kendal plans to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia to achieve her goal to become a nurse. One reference states, “She has a very clear sense of what she wants to accomplish in life and has the skills to push toward her goal.”

Kyra Davidson – Excelsior Springs High School – $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Kyra plans to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a major in Political Science with a Pre-Law emphasis. Her reference writes, “I believe her greatest attribute is her grit and commitment to education, as she knows it has the capacity to transform her life.”

Shelby Dickey – St. Pius X High School – $1,500 Scholarship Winner

Shelby plans to attend Park College and major in biology with a specialty in forensic science, eventually working in criminology. She is described by her reference as being a self-motivated, dedicated, hardworking student of high intelligence who can grasp difficult concepts, think critically, and handle the rigor of a competitive college environment

Sydnie Felty – Winnetonka High School -$1,000 Scholarship Winner

Syd plans to attend UMKC and major in health sciences and afterwards move on to an apprenticeship. Her references characterize Syd as a bright, young individual with great talent and a desire to enhance any ability when given the opportunity.”

Chloe Foster – Oak Park High School – $5,000 Scholarship Winner

Chloe plans to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia to find the perfect path in the healthcare field (possibly a radiation or physical therapist). Her reference states, “It is this maturity and commitment to her career aspirations that have convinced me that nothing will prevent Chloe from achieving her goal of a career in Health Sciences.”

Kayla Hernandez – Oak Park High School – $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Kayla plans to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia with plans of pursuing a degree in biology – her first step toward becoming a forensic scientist and working in a lab. From one of her references, “She is a natural born leader, a selfless philanthropist and shows a professional, unwavering dedication to her academics that is […]

Abigail Hicks -Kearney High School -$1,000 Scholarship Winner

Abby plans on attending the University of Missouri-Kansas City, majoring in business with an emphasis in real estate. Her reference states, “being driven and tenacious, she has found a way to balance not only school, but all of her extracurricular activities, an internship AND two jobs!”

Tatem Petet – Oak Park High School -$1,000 Scholarship Winner

Tatem’s educational plans are to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia with a major in Journalism and a minor in Disability Studies. Notes her reference, “She is doing all of the leadership, journalism, and teamwork because she knows she can make the world a better place.  She is passionate, and I am amazed at her grit.”

Brianna Platz – Oak Park High School – $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Brianna plans to attend Truman State University as a Biology major.  Her goal is to either become a forensic pathologist or to specialize in infectious diseases. Her reference notes, “she consistently proved to be well organized, kind, responsible and self-motivated.  These qualities were invaluable in her interactions with her peers”.

Rian Prewitt – Oak Park High School – $1,500 Scholarship Winner

Rian plans to attend college at the University of Central Missouri and go into their Open-Options Program to find a desirable degree. Notes her reference, “Her dedication to push herself in a college readiness program while in middle school speaks to her strong desire and determination to attend college.  Rian will be the first in […]

Haylee Reeves – Oak Park High School – $1,500 Scholarship Winner

Haylee’s goal is to attend nursing school at the University of Missouri to become a licensed trauma nurse and work in a hospital setting. One of her references states, “Haylee is truly a stand-out individual who will impress everyone she meets; she is truly a wonderful, unique individual who has had a great impact on […]

Lana Ryan – Excelsior Springs High School – $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Lana will be attending Missouri University of Science and Technology to pursue an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Nuclear Engineering and later a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.  Her career goal is  to work at NASA or Space X. Her reference notes, “She is both conscientious and eager to learn and […]

Lily Sowle – St. Pius X High School – $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Lily will attend Rockhurst University enrolled as a nursing major and plans to eventually receive her DNP and become a nurse anesthetist. Her reference writes, “Lily is the kind of student that models academic excellence, leadership in the community, and civic responsibility that we, as educators, strive to develop in our students.”

Aliyah Straws – Liberty High School – $1,500 Scholarship Winner

Aliyah Straws – Liberty High School – $1,500 Scholarship Winner Aliyah will attend William Jewell College. Her reference notes, “she is a great role model for young girls to strive to be like when they are in high school; she is the cream of the crop here at Liberty High School!”

Kaylee Sukup – Oak Park High School – $5,000 Scholarship Winner

Kaylee plans to attend the University of Missouri – Columbia and major in communications, eventually working in marketing. One of her references wrote, “It is these three character traits – thoughtful, endlessly kind-hearted and intentionality – that will help Kaylee to be successful well into the future, no matter what her future holds.”

Destiny Weber – Oak Park High School – $1,500 Scholarship Winner

Destiny will attend Park University. As a high school AVID student (Advancement Via Individual Determination), she has demonstrated maturity, determination and work ethic, both in and out of the classroom. Her references cannot wait to hear about her future as they know she will do great things in life