Senior Outreach Service

The Senior Outreach Service program provides friendship and support to residents of Northland senior care centers.  Assistance League of Kansas City volunteers are matched as senior pals to residents of these nursing homes to provide support through personal visits and mailing greeting cards on holidays and birthdays.  Entertaining and educational programming are also provided to help enhance the lives of residents at these facilities.  Two thousand two hundred thirty seniors were served during 2018-2019 through this program.  The program began in 2009.

The program initiated a raised garden program, a music therapy program, and a doll therapy program.  Selected care center residents were provided Christmas gifts and greeting cards throughout the year.  Gift bags were given to area senior shut-ins.

Senior facility directors and activity directors agree, the Senior Outreach Service is positively affecting the lives of seniors:

Senior Outreach Service programs provide friendship and support to residents of senior care centers.

“Assistance League brings smiles to our seniors.  Giving seniors the ability to enjoy life.  Creating memories and restored hope” 

“some of the residents have no families or visitors and this is a great way to provide that extra care for them…”

“residents enjoy the cards and gifts for some of our residents who don’t have any family.”

“because of your program several of our residents are able to do things and take part in activities they would not be able to do without the program”

“They enjoy the entertainment and the ladies coming out for bingo.”

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