Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016

Mission Statement: Assistance League volunteers transforming the lives of children through community programs.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Operate philanthropic programs to meet identified and changing community needs.
    o Provide adequate staffing for all philanthropic programs
    o Review current community needs and evaluate continuing relevant programs
    o Conduct yearly evaluations of programs
  2. Seek and maintain a diverse, informed and committed membership.
    o Value, appreciate and nurture members
    o Annually assess member satisfaction with levels of required obligations
    o Encourage participation of every member in programs and fundraising activities
    o Provide leadership development
  3. Raise adequate funds to support Assistance League of Las Vegas’s current philanthropic programs and chapter administration.
    o Develop funding sources and relationships for budget maintenance and expansion
    o Seek partners who embrace our mission statement
    o Research additional methods of raising funds
  4. Position Assistance League of Las Vegas for the future.
    o Become a recognizable volunteer organization in the community
    o Engage in continuous strategic planning and execution
    o Structure Advisory Committee to reflect strategic plan goals
  5. Plan for technological advancement and challenges.
    o Assess technological tools available to increase member satisfaction, public relations and fundraising
    o Conduct ongoing investigation into newest technological advances and usage/successes of other non-profits
  6. Develop contingency plan.
    o Plan for financial windfall
    o Plan for Public Relations windfall
    o Plan for shortfall and/or catastrophe
    o Plan for crisis management

Rev. 04/2014