AL’s (Assistance League’s) Closet

Assistance League of Las Vegas has recognized the tremendous increase in need for immediate, emergency clothing, especially in low income, at-risk schools. We partner with the Clark County School District’s School-Community Partnership Program to select the schools most in immediate need. The Partnership liaison contacts the schools to determine if the school is interested in having an AL’s Closet at their school. An Assistance League coordinator then meets with the school’s principal and counselor to insure the need is not being met by another organization and to make sure a closet is available for use.

Because Assistance League wants to serve students with the most need, each school/agency has a budget of $1,500 per year for new clothing and essentials for their AL’s Closet. An Assistance League member volunteer tracks the budget for each school/agency and notifies the school counselor of their remaining balance.

This school-based program will never be a replacement for Operation School Bell®, but is an enhancement program allowing us to reach more students in need. For more information about this program please email us at

Through this program, Assistance League of
Las Vegas provided new clothing to 2,233 students in 61 schools in 2022-2023.

These numbers reflect school and agency closures due to COVID-19.