Desert Sage Auxiliary’s primary philanthropic program is Desert Sage Pocket Books. Short books target early, disadvantaged readers in the Clark County School District. Books are written and illustrated by Desert Sage members and fit easily into a child’s backpack or pocket enabling them to have a book of their own. 70,300 books were distributed in 2017-2018.

The purpose of the Desert Sage Auxiliary Pocket Book program is to provide books for children from underserved populations in schools to improve literacy, facilitate family reading experiences, and to build a child’s library. Desert Sage Pocket Books are written in English and Spanish and focus on key literacy concepts in three distinct series; emergent literature (short vowel and single word emphasis); concept books (colors, shapes, alphabet and numbers); and early readers (simple words and repetition). Currently there are 18 copyrighted books available for distribution.

Desert Sage Books™ are distributed through the Clark County School District to elementary schools with a low income population of 65% or higher as determined by the free and reduced lunch program. Desert Sage Auxiliary works with the Clark County School District School-Community Partnership Program to distribute the Pocket Books. The Pocket Books are approved by the Partnership Office prior to their distribution.

Standout Comments from Principals and Teachers:

The principal of Robert Taylor Elementary wrote: “over 80% of our students qualify for free lunch by federal poverty guidelines, and many have limited access at home to reading materials. These pocket books are a great way for students to have books at home to practice reading with their parents.”

A teacher at M. L. King Jr. Elementary wrote: “Loved them – especially that their Spanish-speaking parents could share them.”

Comments from Students Receiving Pocket Books:

“I get to take these books home and keep them forever?”

“That’s so cool!”


“We get to keep these?”

70,300 books were distributed to 131 schools in 2017-2018