Our Goal: To address children’s questions and concerns about peers with disabilities and social issues and to help them deal with the problems of others through their own eyes.

We are currently performing the following skits:
Cerebral Palsy
Learning Disabilities

Our target audiences are 2nd and 3rd grade Clark County School District students. In January 2020, we will be targeting 1st and 2nd grade students.

We begin with a fun Welcome Song: “Come On In,” a feel good song about yourself. We do two skits at each school with a team of two puppeteers for each skit. Puppeteers are dressed in a black t-shirt, a black hood, and black gloves and stand behind our tall colorful puppets.

At the end of each skit, the students interact with the puppets with questions and comments. Then we sing another song, “Kids Are Different,” a fun song about how kids are the same on the inside even if they are different on the outside.

We distribute coloring sheets of the puppets on the front with a letter format on the back for students to write letters to the puppets about what they learned from the skits. We tell them the puppets enjoy getting their letters and one of our puppeteers sends back a letter to the schools thanking them.

Finally, our presentations address many curriculum skills, such as listening, asking questions, investigating feelings of others, and developing an understanding of differences in students including special needs, illness, and divorce. They also explore the effects of bullying on others.

Assistance League of Las Vegas The Kids on the Block Puppets

2,325 students participated in performances at their schools in 2018-2019