Christina Haddad Gonzalez Welcomed as Speaker

“When I know better, I do better.” This was just one of the inspirational thoughts Christina Haddad Gonzalez shared with us during her presentation at our March 16th Assistance League® Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter meeting. Christina, who is Richfield Public Schools Director of Student Support Services and a Community Faculty Member at the University of Minnesota, was asked to share her expertise about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Her gentle and engaging approach, sprinkled with humor, made her presentation one which both educated and moved our members. Unsurprisingly, the most common question that was asked by our members immediately following her brilliant presentation was, “When can we have her back?” 

In addition to being a great resource on the topic of DEI, Christina is a valued community partner. She provides input to our chapter on how we can best serve Richfield students and teachers. Christina played a key role in helping our chapter successfully launch two Operation School Bell® programs in Richfield: Start Smart, a program providing students with essential items which promote success in the classroom, and Links to Learning, a grants program funding educational enrichment beyond the standard curriculum. 

As Director of Student Support Services at Richfield Public Schools, Christina is responsible for the oversight of school social workers, outreach workers and guidance counselors. She and her staff partner with schools and parents to support academic achievement for all students. Christina is also a Community Faculty member at the University of Minnesota in the School of Social Work and serves on their Advisory Council. She has done extensive study and work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion including teaching and consulting with local organizations and corporations on this important and evolving topic. 

We are honored to partner with Christina and Richfield Public Schools. We look forward to learning more through this incredibly special partnership.