This program provides educators in the Washoe County School District with monetary awards
to fund projects to enhance student learning. There are two types of awards.

NEW ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENT AWARDS are open to any team of four or more
teachers in the Washoe County School District. The winning teams will receive
awards of $10,000 each. Projects must be standards-based, directly involve students,
focus on student achievement, and have measurable objectives.

TEACHER AWARDS are available to teachers who teach in selected elementary schools
with low socio-economic student populations. Schools are eligible on a rotating basis.
Teachers from selected schools will be notified and may apply for up to $500 each for
projects that directly involve students and focus on student achievement. Groups of up
to four teachers may apply for a joint award of up to $2,000.

Last year approximately 10,000 students benefitted directly from Links to Learning Teacher
Awards. This included the purchase of library books, technology, and equipment such as
science materials and math manipulatives.

Project evaluations for 2023-2024 Teacher Awards are now open.

All teachers who received a teacher award for the 2023-2024 school year are required to complete a project evaluation and submit receipts for their purchases.  Evaluations are due NOW.  Failure to complete the evaluation will result in ineligibility for future awards.