Links to Learning

This program provides educators in the Washoe County School District with monetary awards to fund projects that would otherwise be paid by the educators.

Links to Learning gives monetary awards to elementary and middle school teachers from 17 schools to help fund projects that otherwise would come out of the teachers’ pockets or would not be funded at all. The teachers submit proposals for projects to be funded, and committee members evaluate these proposals. These proposals may be up to $300 per teacher, or teachers may submit in groups for projects that require more funding. (Example: 5 teachers may request funding for a project that costs $1,500.)  The applications are coded during the evaluation process so members do not know the teachers or schools.

For FY 2018-2019, 226 educators received classroom awards totaling.  Impacting 5560 students.  In addition, library books were purchased and given to 14 WCSD elementary schools.   Equipment such as Foss Kits and science materials were provided to several schools.

Over 13,000 students benefitted directly because of Links to Learning awards.

In addition, the Links to Learning program was able to award $50,000 to the WCSD Career and Technology Education for the Health Science Signature Academies at Reed, Reno and Spanish Springs High Schools. These academies are four-year themed high school programs that help students jump-start their future. Depending on the high school, the health sciences programs focus on pre-med, biomedical research, sports injuries, kinesiology and emergency medicine. The reports also indicated that hundreds of students in future years will also benefit from the items purchased with the Links to Learning funds. Overall, the evaluation reports completed by teachers and school staff documented that approximately 13,000 students benefited directly because of the funds awarded to schools.

Through a grant, we have been fortunate to receive books from the Molina Foundation, a foundation in southern California, which promotes literacy. Assistance League pays for the shipping, and the Molina Foundation ships the books, which we then unpack, repack and distribute to elementary and middle schools, the E.L. Wiegand Early Learning Center, and Kids Kottage.  The books are then given to students to take home for their own enjoyment.  In FYE 2016, we received 5,000 books, with a retail value of $42,000.