Links to Learning

This program provides educators in the Washoe County School District with monetary awards to fund projects that would otherwise be paid by the educators.

Links to Learning gives monetary awards to elementary and middle school teachers from 17 schools to help fund projects that otherwise would come out of the teachers’ pockets or would not be funded at all. The teachers submit proposals for projects to be funded, and committee members evaluate these proposals. These proposals may be up to $400 per teacher, or teachers may submit in groups for projects that require more funding. (Example: 5 teachers may request funding for a project that costs $1,500.)  The applications are coded during the evaluation process so members do not know the teachers or schools.

For FYE 2020-2021, WCSD educators received monetary classroom awards for academic projects that impacted  approximately 11,712 students.   This included the purchase of library books given to WCSD elementary schools.   Equipment such as Foss Kits and science materials were provided to several schools.

Over 11,000 students benefitted directly because of Links to Learning awards.