Assistance League of Reno-Sparks is an all-volunteer service organization supporting community needs through philanthropic programs.  Our Links to Learning program funds awards to teachers to enhance student learning.  Awards may be up to $400.00 per teacher.  Applications may be individual or joint with a maximum of four teachers included in joint applications ($1,600 maximum award for joint applications).  Schools are funded on a rotating basis, and this is your school’s year to apply.  Applications must be submitted by September 29, 2023.

Purpose:  To benefit children of the Washoe County School District by (1) giving educators an opportunity to enhance or develop new and different approaches to teaching, (2) giving educators the opportunity to expand existing programs, and/or (3) providing extracurricular activities that relate to academic objectives or goals.

Eligibility:  All educators in the designated schools will be eligible.  Each applicant can submit one Project Proposal, either individually OR in conjunction with other applicants.  Your name can appear on only one application.  All applicants must be directly related to the project (no administrators, secretaries, etc.).  Applications must be signed by the school principal as an indication of awareness and support of the request.

Project Criteria:  All projects must meet the following criteria:

  1. Directly involve and benefit students
  2. Focus on student achievement
  3. Have measurable objectives

Project Conditions:

  1. Project applications must be complete and adhere to the above guidelines.
  2. Monies requested should not include sales tax.
  3. Materials and equipment funded by Assistance League of Reno-Sparks for the Links to Learning program will become the property of the Washoe County School District and remain with the recipients’ school.
  4. All projects must be completed within the 2023-2024 school year.
  5. Any unspent funds must be returned to Assistance League of Reno-Sparks.

Review and Selection:  Applications will be reviewed by the Links to Learning Committee of Assistance League Reno-Sparks.  Successful applicants will receive their awards by the end of October 2023.  Funds received should be spent or designated by December 22, 2023.

Evaluation Requirements:

  1. Each individual recipient or group must submit a one-page project evaluation accompanied by receipts by Friday March 22, 2024.  You will be asked to address student achievement of project objectives and project impact.  Successful applicants will receive evaluation forms in early March.
  2. If you are unable to complete an awarded project by March 22, contact Delores Clewe ( or Sue Boon (